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Events 2017-18

Thanks to John M. Cuelenaere Library for partnering with us for these events:

November 20 Pharmacare: Did you know Canada is the only country with universal healthcare but no universal drug coverage? After watching the Fifth Estate's episode "The High Cost of Pharmaceuticals: Canada's Drug Problem," we will discuss options for actions.

Graphic: People reaching for a pill bottle labeled "Big Pharma."

December 12 Write for Rights: Last year, Amnesty chose 10 human rights violations from around the world for its Write for Rights event. Shockingly, Canada was on the list for BC's Site C hydroelectric dam. Take this opportunity to write a letter on behalf of prisoners of conscience, human rights defenders, torture survivors, and others at risk.

February 14 Valentines for Peace: If you can cut a paper heart or write sweet words, you can contribute to a heartfelt collage creation event showing our love for peace. Post creation, we will discuss options for displaying our 12' x 4' display. Materials supplied and/or bring your own.

March 20 World Water Day: Around this time, as well as celebrating World Water Day, we will return to city council. They are two-thirds a Blue Community and we will challenge them to go for the third.

April 21 Earth Day/Seedy Saturday: Can we top 2016's success? Let's try! Enjoy a full day of activities supporting environmental protection and keeping seeds in the Commons.

June 21 National Aboriginal Day: Celebrate by learning about a model of reconciliation. Join us for "Reserve 107: Reconciliation on the Prairies" (https://www.reserve107thelm.com/).