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Past Events 2016-2017

Thanks to our partners John M. Cuelenaere Library and Cinema Politica for a great year of Monday Movie Nights!

September 25 Umbrella Democracy
Have an umbrella? Help us promote proportional representation for a better Canada.

October 3 ”No Land No Food No Life” (2013) 75 min
"No Land No Food No Life" is a gritty documentary that "explores sustainable small scale agriculture and the urgent call for an end to corporate global land grabs."

October 21 World Food Day Slow Food Potluck
Celebrate food that is good for health, good for the people who grow it, and good for the planet.  Grace Mennonite Church Hall 250 28th St W at 6:00 pm.

Graphic: Slow Food poster.

December 1 “Write for Rights" 
Writeathon.ca writes, "The purpose of the Write for Rights is to mobilize millions of people around the world on International Human Rights Day, December 10. The main goal is to use the power of letter-writing to influence world leaders to protect individuals or communities whose human rights have been denied. "Amnesty has 10 cases this year.  Each case has background information, an individual to direct your letter to, physical and email address, and a sample letter.

Write 4 Rights

December 5 “Granny Power" (2014) 90 min 
“Granny Power" will liberate us from any remaining relics of ageism.  This Canadian documentary "follows several passionate, activist grandmothers and their 'gaggles' as they fight for peace, social justice and the environment."1

February 6 “Bidder 70” (2012) 73 min
"Bidder 70" tells the story of Tim DeChristopher who "disrupted a highly disputed Utah BLM Oil and Gas lease auction, effectively safeguarding thousands of acres of pristine Utah land" and how this costly act of civil disobedience demanded government and industry accountability. 

March 13 Blue Community Presentation to City Council
Positivism appreciated as we request Prince Albert become a Blue Community by adopting a water commons framework by taking three actions:

  1. Recognizing water as a human right.
  2. Promoting publicly financed, owned and operated water and waste water services.
  3. Banning the sale of bottled water in public facilities and at municipal events.

April 3 World Water Day Event “Above All Else” (2014) 95 min 
Inspired by a tree top blockade against the Keystone XL oil pipeline in East Texas, "Above All Else" tells the story of David Daniel as he "rallies an eccentric group of neighbors and environmental activists to join him in a final act of brinkmanship."

April 7 Thanks for the great support for our Drop In And Read action at MLA Joe Hargrave's office. The budget cuts were reversed on April 24.

Photo: Book lover at Read In protesting Saskatchewan 2017 budget cuts to libraries.

April 22 Earth Day/Seedy Saturday
Enjoy a full day of activities supporting environmental protection and keeping seeds in the Commons. Treat your garden to heritage seeds from Saskatchewan vendors. Full schedule CoCEarthDaySeedySaturday20170422.pdf.

Graphic: Earth Day 2017

June 5 “Trick or Treaty?” (2014) 85 min
"Trick or Treaty" profiles Indigenous leaders who are determined to ensure "respect for and protection of their lands and their natural resources, and the right to hunt and fish so that their societies can prosper" as understood by their ancestors who signed treaties as "Pipe and Paper."

1Quotations from the movie page at https://www.cinemapolitica.org/.