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The Prince Albert Chapter of the Council of Canadian was founded in 1999 to be a much-needed non-partisan progressive voice in Prince Albert.  Over the years we have been actively involved in activist activities locally, provincially, nationally, and internationally. Our aims are to educate people and to lead actions to create the changes envisioned by the Council of Canadians. We have leafleted, held rallies and marches, celebrated World Water Day and Earth Day, lobbied City Council around trade deals such as CETA, cosponsored films from Politica Cinema with the JMC Public Library, and hosted Slowfood potlucks that accentuate local and organic food. 

The Council of Canadians has been existence for 30 years with 60 chapters all across Canada similar to the Prince Albert chapter. We believe that political literacy is crucial to regaining control of our communities and our country. The campaigns of the Council revolve around water, democracy—including proportional representation, health care, trade, and energy and climate justice, The Council operates without any government or corporate funding. Our advocacy work is sustained by individual donations.